Terms of Services

Terms of Service

This page explains how and why we use your personal information, what your rights are and how you can exercise your rights in relation to this use of your personal information.

We provide this information so that you can decide whether or not to create your CMS Account, through which you can share your information with the professionals who provide your care and make some decisions about how they share your personal information.

1. The terms we use

“You” This means you, the user and the person controlling who can see or share their data


“CheckMySelf (CMS) Account” is the downloaded app that shows you your measured health data and added personal information. The data are only stored at your own device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC)


“(CMS) Data” are the measurements and personal data stored by yourself at your device. “Patient Contributed Data” means the information you added to your CMS Account.

3. Purpose of CMS

We aim to let you measure your vital signs.

After measuring and saving it at your own device, you can decide with who you want to share the measurements.

4. Information disclosure and further use

We do not have access to your measurements and cannot use or disclose your information to anyone. If you send us a request for help (details below) you are likely to tell us your name and email address. We will only use this information to provide the help you have requested.

CMS may further use your information:


To provide you with important information about the Service, such as updates and notifications (e.g. changes in this privacy notice)


To identify your device identification, age, gender, weight and length and location to help determine whether you meet the criteria for a CMS Account

5. Confidentiality

Please ensure when providing information about other people, for example, their measurements of vital signs, including Personal Data about a family member or friend, that you have permission to do so.

6. Can I delete or hide my CMS account if I change my mind?
Yes, you can by deleting the app from your device.

CMS Records

7. How is my information protected?
It’s protected by yourself.

8. CheckMySelf Contact Routes

To contact CMS’s Support Team: https://www.CheckMySelf .eu or direct to info@CheckMySelf .eu

Further information about CMS is available via our website:


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